Eaglstun’s Mayonnaise

Twitter user @eaglstun and fellow redditor tweeted this picture of homemade mayonnaise (and ketchup — boring!) slathered all over delicious handmade cheeseburgers. It took him a few attempts to get it right, as it often does, but he got the hang of it. Soon he’ll be making mayonnaise in his sleep! Just look at this mouth-watering mayonnaise….

It’s amayonnazing!

Have you tried making your own Wiggly Mayonnaise at home yet? Email Grandpa Wiggly pictures of your mayonnaise or share them on Twitter (hashtags: #wiggly and #mayonnaise).


  1. Grandpa Wiggly says:

    Thanks for the new pictures, Eric — I updated the post. That mayonnaise sure looks glossy and delicious! I’m glad making Wiggly Mayonnaise worked out for you. So many have been having problems. Like you said, it takes a couple of tries to perfect it.

    I’ll have to try out that ketchup recipe. Maybe for our next family gathering.

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