Last Night’s Dinner (Supper)

Hello, world! Grandpa Wiggly here with more of your correspondence. Today’s letter asks one of Grandpa Wiggly’s favorite questions in the whole wide world:

Dear Grandpa Wiggly,

What did you have for dinner last night? I had pizza and a few beers.


Well, grandchildren Josh, first things first: Beer is not a good thing to have for dinner. In fact, drinking in general can be very dangerous if you’re not careful. It can lead to accidents or even marriage (eek! 🙂 and you don’t want that. You’re also at a higher risk of going off on a drunken tirade. Casual drinking can still be fun. Just don’t drink and drive. Ever! If you need a ride, call your Grandpa Wiggly.

You must have known that I love talking about my last night’s supper. I assume you mean supper, because Grandpa Wiggly considers dinner to be what most people call lunch. My supper is what you probably call dinner. Even though you asked about dinner, which is lunch to me but supper to you, your clearly initiated inquiry indicated a meal consumed “last night.”

Many years ago, my ill-tempered, one-armed wife, Effie, or as some of the mean kids on the block call her, Grandma Nub, instituted an executive marriage dinner decision by eliminating the light midday meal known as lunch all together, and instead began cooking a heartier (and heavier) dinner. We usually eat dinner between 10 and 11 in the morning, followed by a short walk, and then a refreshing afternoon nap. That’s when Effie watches her stories. Such rubbish!

Regardless of all that, I had the same thing for supper last night as I did for dinner, which is lunch to you. Are you with me, Josh? Okie dokie!

Part of what fuels Grandpa Wiggly is what goes into Grandpa Wiggly, and what goes into Grandpa Wiggly comes out of Grandpa Wiggly. Effie didn’t cook any supper last night so I had my two favorite foods: corn niblets and wet bread. As you probably know, Grandpa Wiggly no longer has his original teeth. “You’re all gums,” Effie says. That’s just what happens when you get old. You start to lose things like teeth, hair, pants, and even your… um… I forgot. What was Grandpa Wiggly going on about again?

Haha! I’m just joshing you!

So, Internet, do you eat dinner or supper? What did you have for supper (or dinner) last night?

One thought on “Last Night’s Dinner (Supper)

  1. dear grandpa w;
    my uncle died friday night after living a pretty great life, including fighting as a member of the legendary 442nd in europe during wwii. being of japanese descent, we gathered at my aunt’s house in orange county, ca to pick persimmons off of her surprisingly fecund tree (which is not a custom) and eat too much japanese/american/hawaiian food (which is), brought by various family members..

    boneless teriyaki chicken
    boneless teriyaki fried chicken (which i have hardly ever found outside of hawaii and california)
    teriyaki steak
    cole slaw (made with your most favorite ingredient)
    potato salad (ditto)
    makizushi and inarizushi (both white rice dishes seasoned with a little vinegar and sugar)
    fruit salad (gala apples, red plums, peaches and red seedless grapes from california, pineapple from costa rica and blueberries from oregon)
    a nice spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and whole wheat pasta in a sesame dressing
    no corn. sorry about that.

    we don’t always dine like this, of course, only on occasions of import.

    everyone else started eating before me, because i was high up on a ladder, picking persimmons like crazy before the sun went down. and after i was done, there were still a WHOLE BUNCH LEFT on the tree.

    this evening, to honor both my uncle and you and the missus, i will eat a can of green giant corn niblets for “supper”. do you eat it heated up, or cold? and do you eat it with the favored magic condiment? and, is “wet bread” just a euphemism for stale bread with water on it? i sure hope not.

    and i hope you and mrs. w are keeping well in this festive season.

    keep writing,
    sr d

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