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12 thoughts on “Ask Grandpa Wiggly

    1. I have it on good authority that it all started with Grandpa Wiggly’s great , great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather Mortimer Wiggliovanovaninahnah. After immigrating from Mayonesia, it was just easier to Americanize the surname to the much easier to pronounce, “Wiggly.” And hence, that was when the legend was born.

  1. Hey Grandpa! I was hoping you’d tell us another story about Mayonnaise. Thanks! – Eva (your big fan)

  2. hi Grandpa! I love reading what you write – just read through your AMA and ROTD posts, also you finding your grandson’s illicit party photos. Cannot wait to hear more about Dr. Faversham!

    Also, I’ll be trying to make a batch of your mayonnaise this evening! Not sure where I’m going to find peanut oil, but I’ll poke around the supermarket after work. Sure wish I could just pick up a jar of Wiggly Mayo at the local shop.. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks again for writing, greetings from the Netherlands!

  3. I’m coming to visit Boston the last weekend of July, will you make us a jar of mayonnaise?

  4. Dear Grandpa Wiggly,

    Could your mayonnaise be used as a possible motor lubricant substitute? I’m running short of cash and my RX7 needs an oil change.


  5. For your quotes page, you should add this from the TV show Psyc:
    Shawn: Of course we’ll help you, you’re like a brother to us!
    Gus: umm…
    Shawn: step-brother?
    Gus: umm…
    Shawn: weird kid who lives down the street and eats nothing but mayonnaise on saltines?

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